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Non-asphalt polymer lap tape

Non-asphalt polymer lap tape

Model: dese003

Good weather resistance and aging resistance.
Strong adaptability to interface deformation and cracking.
Construction process of waterproof sealing tape is simple.
To adhesive surface, it has seal, shock absorption, protection properties, etc.
Bond strength, high tensile strength, elasticity, good extension performance.
Its adhesion, waterproof, sealing, low temperature resistance and good follow nature.
Completely free of solvents, so no shrink, no emit toxic gases, convenient construction

 Product features:
1. It has extremely soft properties and can be applied and densified in the shaped parts
2. It has the advantages of convenience, quick reduction of construction period, accurate dosage, and reduction of waste.
3. Has outstanding initial viscosity, sticky, low temperature bonding and other prominent features
4. Does not contain any solvents, safe and environmentally friendly.

Application range:
1. Short-edge laps of non-asphalt-based polymer waterproof membranes.
2. EVA HDPE waterproof board lap joint use, perfect alternative to the best solution for climbing welder.

Construction Method:
1. Spread the polymer membrane according to the marking line, and take the appropriate amount of tape to remove the strip On the release paper (film), apply glue along the seam.

2. Use a small pressure stick to press the surface of the strip to make it fully adhered to the surface to be adhered. Adhesive strips adhere to the surface of the adherend

3. In order to achieve the best lap joint effect, it is necessary to clean the surface of the polymer membrane before use. Impurities such as oil, dirt, dust, etc. Cleaning with water must be completely dry

Dry before construction

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Non-asphalt polymer lap tape

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