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Polymer butyl waterproof self-adhesive membrane

Polymer butyl waterproof self-adhesive membrane

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Double sided butyl tape is mainly made of butyl rubber and poly isobutene blending. In accordance with special production formula, using the latest patented technology, through special process that produce environmental friendly type double sided butyl adhesive tape. It has strong adhesion to various surfaces. What's more, it also has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and good water resistance. To the pasted surface, it features seal, shock absorption, protection, etc. In addition, double sided sealing butyl tape does not contain any solvents, it is not shrink, not emit toxic gases. And convenient construction makes it become a rare waterproof sealing material in the construction. Widely used in foundation engineering roof waterproof, underground facilities waterproof, tunnel, water supply and drainage works and so on.

Product features:
1. Sun protection, heat insulation, and reflection: When the sun is exposed to the sun, the surface temperature can drop below 20 degrees. Plant room temperature can be reduced by 6-12 degrees

2. Waterproof, leak-proof, rust-proof, rain-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-UV efficiency 100%

3. Preventing roof aging, prolonging the service life of color steel tile plant for more than 10 years, beautiful appearance, construction After the completion of the activities can still be in the roof

4. Effective rain sound, especially the roof of steel structure plant

5. 100% trapping, color steel tile roof rust does not need to be replaced

6. Cold-resistant, under 40 degrees of tolerance is not affected, the outer layer of aluminum fire, flame retardant

Application range:
It is generally best applied to the top of steel structure roofs and other buildings.Anti-rust, damage, repair, aging, renovation: It is the most advanced international thermal insulation waterproof and leakproof material.When the sun shines in the summer after installation, the indoor temperature can be reduced by 30% to 40%. The higher the temperature, the greater the temperature drop.

Construction Method:
After cleaning the construction object, the transparent membrane on the back of the membrane can be peeled off to bond. When new cement is used, a layer of water-based asphalt or waterproof coating can be applied to make the product better.

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Polymer butyl waterproof self-adhesive membrane

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