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Scratchless coating machine

Scratchless coating machine

Model: Scratchless coating machine

Application: Mainly used in self-adhesive label paper, various adhesive tapes and advertising photo consumables.

1. The blade coater adopts PLC touch screen automatic centralized control system to directly realize the modern production mode of one person production.

2. Pneumatic pick-up device is provided to facilitate the connection of raw materials and to ensure the flatness requirements of the pick-up position. It can realize non-stop operation.

3, retractable volume using automatic tension control system, blade coating machine and the use of the center plus surface winding, to ensure the material rolled neat and neat.

4. The filter adopts multi-layer filtration technology to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the coating effect.

5, high-precision wear-resistant alloy steel die to ensure that customers can get the best coating effect at high speed coating.

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Scratchless coating machine

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